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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of LUIS LLORET by Serge TREFEU (2008)



Serge TREFEU: Hello LUIS LLORET, you present themselves at our readers ?

LUIS LLORET:  Hi friends my name is Luis lloret from Spain and my job is muay thai.

Where do you live ?

I live in  Barcelona (Catalonia)

How did you discover the Thai muay ?

In one gala at 15 years I’m practicum karate began 6 years old.

You began boxing at which age ?

I began at 17 years

Can you speak to us about your first gym ?

Yes, my first gym was a little gym in Mataro (beach city) where the trainer is a famous fighter in Spain’ Chinto Mordillo’

How much do you have fights, of wins and loses ?

I have 54 fights whit 37 wins and 13 loses and 4 draws 15 by K.O

In which weight do you fight ?

I fought in 67 and 70 kg.

Which is your gym today ?

My gym is international gym from Canovelles (Barcelona)

How much fight do you have in Spain ?

37 fights, the others in France, Holland, Hungria, Belgium and Thailand

In your country the muay thai is well developed ?

Now the muay thai is up but is only the first began only 3 or 4 gym of muay thai in Spain, now is ok.

In Spain do there often official shows in muay Thai ?

Yes, many oficials shows, now in November have the contenders elimination in Madrid, is a good gala and is possible I go to.

Which are the known champions of muay Thai in Spain ?

For me the best fighter of muay thai in spain is Rafi Zouheir. and many more, Alex Baena, Chacon, Raya, Cesar Cordoba, Mahy Cruz, Kuki…

You already fight in Thailand, how much do you have fought make fights over there ?

In Thailand I fought 6 times, 3 whit Thai fighters and 3 in IFMA world championship 2004

Against which champions Thai you did fight in Thailand ?

I fight whit Sannak Sor Ploenchit,  Somyod Totlha and the best I think is Tanondej Petpayathai now is the champion in Lumpini stadium in 147 lbs

Do you fight other boxing like kick or English boxing ?

I fight in kick and English boxing but my sport is muay thai I like muay thai to much

Was your best fight it against which ?

I have many best fight I don’t know which are the best whit Alex Sneedon (scotland), Alexander Sirota (rep Checa) Yassin Lamidi (Chakuriki Holland) Kamel Hachmi (Belgium)many many more, sorry I don’t know which.

And your harder fight ?

The first time I fought whit Kamel Hachmi, very strong in the clinch (chap-ko)

In Thailand you training  in which camp ?

I training in Kaewsamrit and Sasiprapa gym, others times training in Rompo gym to with my friends, Pitu, Dzhabaar and others Spanish fighters there.

Which is your work to day  and you live with fight ?

I’m a post man in the morning and evening I go to gym for teachers my students in muay thai, I have a team of fighters, no I don’t live with fight in Spain is not possible…

Do you know French thai boxers, old champions or new champions of to day ?

Yes older and news, Dida, Prestia, Danny Bill, Mourad Sari, Cesar and now for me the best Farid Villaume, and different fighters, Fabio Pinca, Ameur Redwan, Bakkouri, Lallemand, Khider very good nack muays in France.

Would like you to fight a French champion ?

For me with Farid Villaume the best nack muay in my opinion.

Which are your projects, have you soon fights ?

No, I’m stop fight now, I have 2 children’s and my projects are with my students and my gym of muay thai.

You want to add something ?

ONE WORLD ONE MUAY THAI, I think Spain need more strong’s promoters in muay thai in France and Holland, now in Spain are good fighters.

Thank you to have answered this interview



Weight: 67 Kg

Height: 1m75

Total fights : 54

Titles :  2 times European champion WKL, Iberian champion IKBF, 5 times Spanish champion ISKA, IAMTF, AEMT, IKBF, WMC, bronze medal in world championship 2004 IFMA a class, Superleague fighter.