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Interview of MICKAEL PISCITELLO by Serge TREFEU (2009)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Mickael, how’s that goes, you grew in what region of France?

MICKAEL PISCITELLO: At St Priest in the suburb of the city of Lyon

You began the boxing towards which age?

I began at about seventeen years but I stopped during 2 years…

Are you began the boxing directly with Muay Thai or did you try another discipline before?

Before Muay Thai I have make on one year of Tae kwon do

What is attracted you in Muay Thai?

Attracted me in Muay Thai it is the fact whether it is a hard and spectacular sport!

What was your first gym of training?

St Fons’s boxing gym, Team Nasser K.!

Speak we of about your very first fights, how it it is crossed?

My first fights were very hard physically because I was not very serious in the training …

Do there are boxers who you one influenced during your debuts in the boxing?

Yes essentially Thai boxer because I love the clean and very technical boxers

How much have you make of fight?

I have made 43 fights

How many wins and losses?

I do not know exactly, I think of 32 wins, 8 losses and 3 draws

Have you a lot of victory by Knock Out?

Not by KO but rather by stop on wound (thanks to the elbow or low kick etc.)

In what category you evolve?

In 70 kg

You have which style of boxing?

I think that I am rather technical with a good blow of eye…

What are the titles that you gained?

France Champion and WBC Inter Continental Champion

What title you are the most proud?

I do not aim too much at the titles I prefer to fight the guys who are very hardly!

What are your strong points in boxing?

My blow of eye and the technique

And what are your weak points which you would like to work more?

My power

You seem a lot to like fighting with elbows, prefer you to fight with the protections or without the protections?

I think that elbow pads slow down our progress because when you fight in the truth rules of Muay Thai you see at once the difference…

You often went in Thailand the first time it is crossed well in the country of Muay Thai?

The 1st time I went to Jocky Gym and I fought to Koh Samui, it is a very good memory!

You have already fought in a big stadium of Bangkok in Radja, can you make us share your sensations with regard to this fight?

A very good atmosphere, the weighing in the morning at 6 am then I fought at 6 pm. I lose in points, I think that I shall have of to put more of middle but I was enough a novice with regard to the discount of the judges in Thai, roughly I too much fought in the European. But it was a very good memory redoing…

Did you often fight in Thailand?

I fought only twice

Do there a camp in Thailand or you like going you to training?

In Kiatphontip Gym camp (Rob Cox’s Camp) it is very cool

If you had the possibility, would like you to stay for a long time in Thailand and to make you a name in the Thai circuit?

The problem it is later. Given that the life is hard now it is necessary to build a future. But I admit you that been on my mind…

Do you believe that one day French can gained a title in one of big stadium of Bangkok (Only Morad Sari in 1999 gained the belt of Lumpinee)?

The only one who has it the means in the current day it is Fabio Pinca!

Are you interests in the Thai culture?

Not or little

What are the most known Thai which you faced?

Kaoponglek, Kanongsuk and Bovy

And what is the one who set you most difficulty?

Kaoponglek because he is very technical and has great elbows and also Bovy, it is a boxer very hard…

Similar for the French boxers, what are the known fighters that you met and what is the one who gave you most opposition?

I met Lallemand, Konaté, Midani, Mezatni, Diaz, Chaibi, Khider and I think that it is Konaté who gave me most opposition because it was my 18 e fights

Do there a French champion whom you would like to meet in particular?

All those who are in shape

You fight in 70 kg, category queen of the K1 Max, would like you to face the great champion of this famous Tournament?

Yes but I have a preference for Muay Thai

if I say to you Petrosyan, Souwer, Holzen, Buakaw, Kraus, Kyshenko, Drago, whom you would choose in the first one if you had the choice for a confrontation?

Petrosyan because he owes me a revenge because he beat me in points long ago and it was only my third fights…

For you any category confused at the world level what is the best nakmuay at present?

There is full but I would say Seanchai!

And in the past what was according to you the one who marked the story of Muay Thai?

It is the similar there is a lot but Dekkers and Danny Bill were really very strong

What is one of your best memories of boxing until today?

As soon as I win I am happy because it is the reward of the made work

And the worst?

Every time the decisions are very limit…

Today you train to the gym of Nasser Kacem to St Fons, what is your sparring partner of trainings?

Mabel, the brothers Lidon, Pinca, the brothers Bennoui, Ayayadin, Penda, M’baye and many of the others who are not going to delay going out…

Your coach Nasser Kacem makes miracles within your gym but what is the strength of the Team Nasser K. to have this fighter’s breeding-ground?

All determined to make a success, a good atmosphere and a very good method of training!

What is your profession and do you can reconcile him with the high-level sport?

I am a mechanic for the Ministry of the Internal and to reconcile both is very difficult but we have no choice in France…

What do you think of the French level in Muay Thai today, is it placed well at the European and especially world level?

Yes I think that we have a many good boxer’s

Do you would like that one day in France he is only a single federation in Muay Thai or think you that it is better to have the choice between several federations?

Yes I think only one federation it is better 

What are your next dates of fights and against whom?

I’ll fight in the middle of July and at the middle-august in Italy but I do not know against whom…

What are your objectives for the season 2009/2010?

Fight the best and make of big performance

You want to add anything?

Thanks to SIAMFIGHTMAG for the fact that you made and a small hello for all Team Nasser K.!

Thank you and Chookdee for your next fights!



Height : 1m80

Weight : 70 Kg

Number of fight : 43 fights. 32 wins, 8 losses and 3 draws

Title : France Champion. WBC Inter Continental Champion