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Temps de lecture : 5 minutes

Interview of VICTOR PINTO by Serge TREFEU (2008)



Serge TREFEU: Hello Victor how are you?

Victor PINTO: Very well and you.

How old are you?

14 years and half

You began boxing very early towards which age?

At 7 years then I really stopped and started again at 11 years.

You had tested other sports before making boxing?

All sports of mountain with my father.

And what likes you the most in this sports very hard as the Thai boxing?

The play, the technique and touch the others without me to make touch but it is not easy.

How much do you have make fight, how much victories and defeats?

I have 40 fights. 27 wins including 6 by K.O. I will have 4 fights in Lumpini Stadium, 1 with Thai TV, 1 with UBC TV and TV5 and afterwards on stadiums of the south.

You have enormously make fights for a boy of your age, is you conscious that is much for a “foreigner” or thinks you simply that is normal?

Not they is not much my friend fighters Thai have the double of it but I am free to choose and of boxing a little when I want, I do not like that me am obliged.

Which is your style of boxing?

I am fimeu (technician) with kicks but I very learned.

Which is your name of fighter and where it from?

 In first it is Ajout the trainer of Buakaw which called me Samfan because I have three ears on the head and in Thailand that carries happiness, they say that it is the mark of Buddhas but I changed because everyone touched me the head and that irritated me … then it is in the south or a day they called me Leo like the lion and I have keep this name.

What the techniques you like do in fight?

The kicks, the tip (face kick) and to strike just when my adversary will move because I am faster and that irritate them.

Was your harder fight until today and against which?

Against Chaichon in Lumpini because I had 11 stitch to the first round and it is necessary to hold and to show that one is strong in his body and in its head during 5 rounds … also when the referees said that I had lost whereas all the punters gave me gaining, it is hard but it is like that, it is badly to dispute and if you boxed well and that you are polished people respect you.

And your best memory fights?

Against Pethsong Sitjapoor, one made a fight of death, I lost just but it was too beautiful and it is a great champion of an university. The first fight or I gained by K.O but I was too afraid and full with others, I remember of all the fight because I fought all best south and they all are in Bangkok now.

You fought in much stadium of the south of Thailand but you already also boxing with stadium of Lumpinee, is what that impressed of boxing in a great stadium of Bangkok?

In Bangkok I see my brother for a long time boxing here and I know people. Its very well because that wants to say something but it is harder in the south and the small ones are stronger, also there are more spectators on the big boxing show evenings of the south and it is outside.

You boxing in which category?

Less than 100 pounds (- of 45 kg)

Which are the current champions in your category and who would like you fight?

Too much hard has to say, there are too many small champions and the very goods I already fought them.

Currently you live in Thailand, since how long you is installed with your family over there?

Since 5-6 years.

You training in which gym?

In Siangboxing gym with my brother, Khonfanlek and Piathong, also at Mr Por Pramuk and in Jocky Gym with Pipa.

How many fighters of your age and your category have in your camp?

6 or 7

Can you describe us training in your gym?

The morning it is 5:00 a.m, to run, bag, musculation with 8:00 a.m one goes to school until 4:00 p.m of after midday and one begins again with 4:00 p.m and half up to 7 or 8:00 p.m of the evening with running, bag, paos, clinch and musculation, after one eats, one plays a little and to sleep.

Do you have a Ram muay particular representing your camp?

Yes one does all same it is like the boxers of the south, it there with the sea, the ground, the mountain after I copy a little from Antoine and I add things to me, its wai khru it is too beautiful for him but it is too long times the adversary fall asleep a little or that the met in anger.

Your brother (Antoine Pinto) training with you?

Yes every day, we are inseparable.

When your brother boxing is what you assist with these fights?

Yes all the time and he also safe once, him it boxed in Kazakhastan and me in Fairtex stadium the same evening me I was with my mother and my brother with my father one hates to be distant from other, it is not well.

Do your parents come to see all your fights?

Yes all

Which is currently your coach?

I have several trainers, they are all different, I like them all and also they very learned to me then I like them all similar.

Have you a promoter?

It is Petchyindee and Siathang with Lumpini but it is Twins Special which booked my fights because I have a contract professional with them.

Which is your objective, to make full with fights and to please to you or take down important titles?

I am a small gauge like Thai and they are content with my boxing, people say that one day I would have my chance, I am very independent and if one day I want to make another thing whom I like more I would change for the moment I fight and it is not me which decides it is the public and the promoters but so once I have my chance it is on I would gain, I am too strong for them hi.hi.hi not I do not know can be tomorrow I will prefer to have a grocer, I do not know I am too small …

Did you already boxing apart from Thailand?


Would love you one day to come fight to France?

Yes, against young French educational champion of Europe hi.hi.hi, it is to laugh but I do not know well if I would like because it is not same environment.

How is your adaptation to Thailand, it appears that you brawl much with a school?

Me, very badly. My brother it spoke Thai more quickly and it wanted to be made buddies. Me I did not like the school here, it was soldier, at the beginning I understood anything except the coarse words, I were all alone for 1500 pupils then I fought every day during 1 year. It east can be for that which I progressed quickly. I made sparring with all recreate them. After I spoke, they were a little afraid of me and largest had afraid of my brother now I adore the school, I usually speak and I have full friends and with the girlfriends but is not necessary to say it chuuut …

Does the culture Thai interest you?

My brother yes, me it is not similar, I live with the Thai with the people, I respect all the traditions but I remember that my country it is France and I like cheese and sausage.

What you like most in Thailand and in your area?

Rest day when one does not training and outward journey with the sea with the friends.

You have preferred dishes Thai?

The chicken fritters and the burned ices, that they is too good. You do not know, good when you return to Thailand I lead you to eat some.

Look you the current events of the Thai boxing French?

Yes on Internet and our sister send the magazines of France to us.

You know French champions Thai boxing?

A little in video and those which one saw in Thailand: Farid Villaume, Fabio Pinca, Cédric Muller after one do not know too much except Thai Stephan Nikiema, Christophe Mertens and most extremely it is JCS (Skarbowsky) in more I saw his last fight in Lumpini Stadium.

Today which is for you the best fighter in Thailand?

Saenchai, Yodsenklay, Orono, Nonpallat, Singdam and still 100. There is too much of it. And Antoine because it is my big brother but I am stronger than him hi.hi.hi not but my model it is Saenchai but it copies too my style hi.hi.hi

Your last fight was when?

Revenge against Chaichon in March in Lumpini.

Your next fight its  for when and where?

It is on April 26, 2008 in Lumpini but I do not know against whom not engraves they are all strong and is needed all the fight.

Do you have some things to add?

One year ago I said to everyone that I would be on the boxing ring of Lumpini and people laughed and I want to say to small French that if you want you can arrive there is with you to make and only with you …

Thank you and CHOOKDEE for all your fights?

Thank you Mister Serge, I am too happy that you thought of me and it is much of honour for me and my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Victor PINTO


Born on August 4, 1993

Weight: 100 Lbs (45 kg)

Number of fight: 40 fights. 27 wins. 13 losses. 6 K.O.

Best fighter in 32 kg with Bantamalat in 2004. Best fighter in 33 kg with Thap Sakae in 2005. Best fighter in 34 kg with Wai Sak in 2006. Best Wai Khru in 2005 with the Bangkhrut Temple. Best fighter for Pimaï (new year) in 2006 in Khuan Khanun. Fights in all stadiums of south and stadium of Lumpinee of Bangkok. On live fights on TV channel UBC TV, THAI TV and TTV.