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Interview of Wilfried MONTAGNE by Serge TREFEU (2007)


Serge TREFEU : Hello how are you Wilfried? Are you on top form?

Wilfried MONTAGNE : Yes very well and better and better since I am with the Kaewsamrit Gym…

Is your arm better (fracture of the last arm fights against Samkor)?

Yes, that goes now, I am persistent medically. Normally, as of the next week, I could back fight…

You are currently in Thailand since how long?

 That made five months that I am installed in Thailand, I arrived towards mid-September

You came directly in Kaewsamrit Gym?

Not, I was accesses with the boxing camp Sor Vorapin 2 which is not very far from Keawsamrit Gym. I remained two weeks there low and I stupidly break again myself the arm thus a new plaster during one month. I came only at the end of October in Kaewsamrit

You like yourself in this camp?

Yes much. There is a very good environment here and great champions to turn, it is super. And the relationship with the trainers is very good; in more they speak rather well English. I had been to see with the boxing camp Soer Ploenchit to training me, a super beautiful boxing camp, one of best than I ever saw but the first approaches were not very good, moreover they do not speak well English in this camp As I do not have a command of yet very well the language Thai then it is a little difficult…

You are installed with the camp?

Not, I took an apartment in the district of Phin Klao road. To decompress after the training it is better. I come here by taxi or bus

How do you days training?

The morning jogging, shadow with weights and I in Sor Vorapine 2 will make sparring into English because there are very good boxers into English, great champions pros. After midday, I again make a jogging before the beginning of the training. Then paos of five rounds and here the rounds last five minutes! Paos into English boxing too. Sparring with the champions of the camp like Anuwat or Watcharachai. After a half hour of clinch then shadow boxing. Lastly, of the series of knees to the bag (3 X 100) and footing again to eliminate all toxins, I finish by stretching…

And your days in Thailand what are you doing?

I do not leave much bus after the training I am tired and I prefer to remain quietly in my apartment. But I have French friends here and some time one will drink a blow or one goes to see the movies. If not the week end, it arrives to me of going to the beach of Bangsean close to pattaya, it is a cool place, it has only Thai there on this beach…

You knew already Kaewsamrit Gym?

Not it is the first time that I come here

You were in other camps in Thailand?

I already went several times to the Pinsinchai Gym a camp in the district of Bangkapi. There are great fighters over there like Captianken Naropaï. I had remained there the first time ten days then the second time three weeks. I had fought for this camp in Bangkok and the fight had been retransmitted on TV Thai, it was four years ago. If not, I am training a little in Jocky Gym with my friend Jean-Charles (Skarbowsky), a little in gym Sor Vorapine 1 which is in Kao San Road, a camp really for the farangs (foreign) and I also training in the south of the country with Suratani

You intend to remain a long time in Thailand?

I will remain until July and one will see then. According to my results, I would remain more…

You do not hope to make a long career like Skarbowsky for example?

Not, I make more this sport by passion but if I have good purses so much better. I have a trade, I am a data processing specialist in Paris and I will not drop this employment for the muay Thai, it is too risky. I took one sabbatical year to live a great experiment in Thailand but I do not hope to live muay Thai. Moreover, I am already 30 years old, they are a little old for a career in Thailand. Jean-Charles started young person…

You with the Thai culture interest to you?

Not so much. I too am not in the spiritual spirit or superstition of the culture people of Thailand. On the other hand, I like to analyze the policy and the current company Thai. I like this country, people are cordial. There is full with formidable things, food, muay Thai etc In this moment, I am reading a very interesting book on the hidden face of Thailand. And I discover unfortunately full with negative things. It is written by a former prostitute of Thailand who reveals worrying things on this country…

You fought how much times in Thailand?

Six times including three times at the King’s Birthday

Which is your fighter’s records and your weight currently?

I have 55 fights. 43 wins. 9 losses, 3 draws and surroundings 25 K.O. I would fight here in the category of – 67 kg

Do your hardest fight in Thailand, you remember it?

It was my last fight with the birthday of the King. I met Thai who was not especially very extremely but I was sick and under antibiotics. The week of front, I had training in a camp in the south of Thailand with Suratani and all the boxers had caught an infection, a malicious bacterium. I was sick but I nevertheless was present at the fight. I have make all the completely emptied match, it was very hard. I lost at the points besides and that was worth me some stitches…

Would wish you to fight one day for a belt of Lumpinee or Radja?

It is the dream of any fighter but almost impossible to realize…

Would like you to take part in a tournament of S1 in Thailand?

S1, it is in the category of 72 kg, it would be necessary that I take weight but why not. On the other hand, I would like much to fight in K1 max in Japan!

When is your next fight?

Normally that was to be on March 8 with stadium of Radja for a title WBC against the current champion of – 67 kg, Nonpadet Som. But finally the fight were cancelled, the reason I do not know too much. Lastly, it is said to me several times that I go boxing but I always wait. That starts to be long bus I did not fight since my match against Samkor, can be at the beginning of April…

And your next fight in France?

April 20 in a great boxing show organized by Kebchi with the Sport hall of Levallois against Japanese, who is called Sato, I believe, it often boxing in K1 max

Is there a French boxer whom you would like to meet in particular?

There is so much good fighter in my category, I would like all to meet them in particular not especially one…

Which is your promoter today?

In France, it is Sami Kebchi and in Thailand I have contacts with Songchaï…

Are there techniques of muay Thai which you work here than in France?

The clinch, it is my weak point. I try to work it here. If not with the fracture of my arm, I try to now thus take less possible blow top I work blockings, dodging and the withdrawals of the bust. I develop also my jab and my hooks

You have a preferred technique?

I like the high kicks…

Later, after your career of boxing, would like you to open a gym or to work in the medium of the muay Thai?

For the moment, I think only of my sporting career, that passes quickly, one will see after…

You think that the muay Thai has beautiful days in front of him in France?

Currently it is not formidable, nothing is done for the fighters and it is a pity well…

Wilfried, thank you very much and chookdee for your next fight!

Thank you