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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of YETKIN OZKUL  by Serge TREFEU (2008)



Serge TREFEU: Hello Yetkin, how are you ?

YETKIN OZKUL: Very well thanks

How old are you ?

I’m 22

When did you start Muay Thai ?

I first did taeckwondo, I am black belt. Then I did kick boxing, I’am champion of Turkey. Then I started Thaï boxing, wich I have make during three years in Turkey. I’ve been twice champion of Turkey. I went in Holland to live, I stayed here one year, I have fought in Muay Thai and English boxing in Amsterdam.

When did you come in France ?

I have been here for one year and half

In wich Gym did you go ?

I came directly to The RMB boxing. I have been there for one year and half.


Where did you live in Turkey ?

I am from Akdeniz a city near Antalya

How you made a lot of fights in Turkey ?

Yes a lot. I have about 115 fights in amateur in Muay Thai and kick boxing…

How many wins and defeats ?

96 wins. 4 draws. 15 losses.

Do you have a lot of K.O. ?

About 35 K.O.

What kind of boxing style do you have ?

I like kick techniques but I work more with my fists, I love English boxing !

You already went boxer to Thailand ?

yes in 2004, I won the championship of Turkey and I was selected for the amateur world championship in Bangkok. There I arrived third in my category, I had the bronze medal

How many fights do you have in France ?

Here I did 9 fights. 7 wins and 2 losses

Who are the principal fighters you fought in France ?

I fought against the thaï Saichon Por Pramuk (Buakaw’s sparing partner) who I beat. The Dutch Delom Carrilho (Europe champion IFMA) I beat him in city of Lille. In February I fought against Mounir Bouti (France champion) I lost in the points. And in April I won the French championship belt against Xavier Bastard

Until now who is the most difficult opponent you had ?

It is Kantipong, he is very, very strong in boxing…

Who are you training with in the RMB ?

With Karim Aliouan and Sofian Seboussi

What are you next fights ?

I was supposed to fight for a Europe championship belt in England against Rob Storey on June 26. But there is a problem with the visa so I can’t go there. It’s Xavier Bastard who will fight in my place…

In wich category do you fight now ?

In amateur I was boxing in – 57 Kg, now in – 60 Kg.

Who would you like to fight in your category in France ?

Fight Mounir Bouti again and fight Albert Chey, he’s a good boxer in my category

Do you feel good in France ?

Yes very well. When I was in Holland for more than a year I didn’t like it at all, I prefer France…

There is an important Turkish community in Paris, you live in Paris ?

No, I live in Stains (suburb city). I’m feeling good there, all my family is there, we are about 30…

Thanks and good luck  for your fights

Thank you



Weight : 60 Kg

Titles : Turkey Champion in kick boxing and Muay Thai.

             France Champion in Muay Thai.

             Bronze medal in world championship amateur muay thai in Bangkok.

Numbers of fights : More than 100 in amateur.

                                Professional : 28. 25 wins. 3 Losses. 14 K.O.