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Interview of  ZIDOV DOMINIK by Serge TREFEU (2008)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Zidov, where do you live and where area did you live grow ?
ZIDOV DOMINIK: I grow in Zurich in switzerland  but my life now in Thailand since 3 years
How are you old ?
How much do you have you make fights, how much have wins and losses ?
I have 42 pro fights with 30 wins 12 losses

Do you have much wins by K.O ?
Yes 23 KO wins
What means for you the Thai muay?
allot of respect and allot of fighting heart
You began boxing at which age ?
At is the beginning of your career what there is boxers who your inspired ?
John Wayne Parr and Olé Baguio Laursen
Did you practice other sports before boxing Thai ?
Soccer for 14 years
In which year you were in Thailand for the first time, can you tell us over there your experiment ?
I was 2004 the first time in Thailand, and I liked so much that I 3 month after that go back and since I stay in Thailand
Do you have a gym in particular when you will training in Thailand ?
Legacy Gym Ubon and WMC Samui
Which is for you your best memories of boxing until today ?
The contender and the contender finale I never gone a forget this and my fight with john Wayne Parr
Which was your hardest fight ?
My hardest fight I have in some village fight in Issan, Nord Est of Thailand with a Thai who try to kill me for 5 rounds
Among these champions like you to fight and why, between Yodseanklai, Narupol, Lamsongkram, Buakaw, Souwer and Masato ?
I want fight all of them is up to the promoter
You took part in “ The Contendeur Asia, can you speak to us about this adventure ?
Yeah, this was my best experience in my life and I never will forget this, and I found friends for life

Did “The Contendeur” open to you doors for example fighting in K1 max in Japan ?
Yeah contender open me many doors to now but not too Japan yet.
Currently you in which gym is training ?
WMC camp Samui,,,, but always also Fight Club Zurich where I start to train.
You are installed in Thailand since how long, how this your days over there ?
3 years, now I’m angry with Thailand little because they block the airport and I have to cancel my fight with legend Peter Crooke in England
Which are currently your sparrings of training ?
I’m training allot with Jabba from contender he lives with me in Samui but always after sparring with Jabba I look like I just had a fight.

In did Switzerland you training itself in which gym ?
Fight Club Zurich with Charles Maerki is the boss and trainer
The muay thai is well developed in Switzerland ?
not really
Are there much show of muay thai in Switzerland ?
hmmm have shows but there are small shows
Do you know French nakmuays ?
Sure I know, Farid Villaume…
Would you like to come to fight in France against a French champion ?
Sure any time
Which are the techniques of muay thai that you affectionate more ?
More kick and punch but also like my elbows allot
From where come you this nickname from combatant “Akuma” ?
From my mother, she call me always devil in Croatian I just change to Japanese Akuma
You have fights for soon ?
My next fights will start 2009 I lose many fights this year next year I want do better
You want to add something ?
I want to say thank you for all my fans and people supporting me and see you in 2009
www. zidovakumawarrior. com
Thank you to have answered this interview and CHOOKDEE


Numbers of fights: 42. 30 wins. 12 Losses. 23 K.O.
Weight: 72 Kg
Size : 1m80
Titles: Switzerland Champion of Muaythai. Switzerland Champion of Sanda.