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Interview of YOHAN LIDON by Serge TREFEU (2008)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Yohan, how are you, how old are you?

YOHAN LIDON: I am 25 years old

You grew in which area of France?

In city of Lyon and more precisely with city of St Priest

You began boxing towards which age?

At 15 years in January 98

Did you start directly with the Thai boxing and which is what attracted you in this discipline?

Not, I started with the kick boxing with 3 championships of France and then I met Nasser and one it is understood direct…

Which was your first gym?

Boxing Corbas Gym

Do you have make fights quickly, remember you your first fights?

6 months after my beginnings I fought in fight technique boxing but I had limit to disqualify because I did not retain my blows…

Are there fighters who one influenced you at the time of your beginnings in the muay Thai?

Yes, Dekkers, Kaman, Tyson, Skarbowsky and of many Thai fighter…

Today how much do you have fights?

77 fights

How many you have win and lose?

I have 66 wins, 1 draw and 10 losses

Do you have much victory by K.O?

45 by K.O!

Which are the titles which you gained until now?

3 times Champion of France in Kick Boxing, 2 times Champion of France in Thai boxing, 2 times World champion WKA in 2008 in Thai boxing in 71 kg and Kick Boxing in 75 kg, Vice World champion WBC in 72.5 kg

Of which title you are most proud?

I believe my title in Thai boxing in 2005 in class A (Championship of France against Nordine HAMMOUMI) with the Gymnasium Max Rousié (Paris 17th), I wanted it so much!

Did you already boxing in kick boxing, in Full-Contact or into Boxing, how you in these other disciplines feel you?

Yes in Kick boxing and Full-Contact also 2 times or I put K.O Tony Coté (World champion of Full Contact) at Dijon, it is cool that makes it possible not to wound you. I would say that Full-contact it is sparring for me…

Which are your strong points in boxing and which are your weak points which you would like to work more?

Some time ago I would tell you the clinch but I worked it lately so much that becomes my strong point!

Is you often start your fights very quickly until finishing them also extremely, without idle period by putting the pressure constantly at your adversaries, that asks an exceptional physical condition, which is your secrecy to have this rhythm of so high fight?

Bah! It is simple much of training of the sparrings of luxuries as Fabio (Pinca), Mick (Piscitello) and Abdhalla (Mabel) one is not made gifts but especially the method of Nasser (Kacem) it is very good but hush! Secret!

Are you already gone to Thailand to training and fighting?

Yes 5 to 6 times and I go back there in step a long time…

Did you already fought in a big stadium of Bangkok?

Not I fought in Fairtex (stadium of Pattaya) and with Bangla Stadium of Phuket but my next travel I would surely boxing in Lumpinee Stadium

Is what there is a gym in Thailand or you like to go?

Yes the camp of Rob Cox (Kiatponthip Gym), I like it one would say a big family but I will test of them heaps of others for still progressing!

When you fight a Thai fighter compared to a European fighter there is a difference for you?

I like to meet Thai fighter because you always learn but compared to Fabio Pinca I boxed of it only very little and of the supers extremely strong the experiment was rather difficult. When you fought Narupol for my first Thai fighter! It is for that I fight now in 72 kg to meet some a little more…

In Muay Thai you fought several French Champion your category like Grégory Choplin, Jonathan Camara, Farid Villaume, which that which gave you the most opposition?

I would say Villaume but I was not ready to 100 per 100 for this fight because I had been wounded 3 weeks front with Gymnasium Levallois against Thai fighter Anuchit

You also fought great champion Thai like Wera Chalunlape, Lamsongkram, Narupol and Yodseanklai, which was your most difficult fight?

Without hesitating Lamsongkram because it is very vicious one would say a snake in addition to that I were not in the fight mentally for reasons personnel and it saw it and benefitted well from it but now I have the key to beat it!

When you fought Yodsenklai, world Number One in your category, you lose on stop by wound at the beginning of the 3rd rounds, it is a little frustrating because you make good match with him with the first round, would like you to have a revenge with why not for a title world champion?

Yes, that was very frustrating because I felt well in this fight, I take direct at the beginning of the 2nd rounds and I did not see anything any more. That became difficult to see the arrived blows but I hope for a revenge because I had not given all in this fight, it remained to me reserve to accelerate. And my low kicks would have paid because at the restaurant Yod limped enormously and one it is looked at, it my known as “good” for that leg and me I him board say “good” for my eye, it was funny. But I understand why it is best today it is an immense champion!

You were first French to beat the Thai champion Narupol, is what you would also wish to be first French to gain the frightening one Yodseanklai?

Yes I would like to be the first to beat it because I know that I have of them the means besides Nasser me call to go to training me…

Which are the champions whom you would wish more to fighting in your category?

Petrosian, Villaume, Souwer, Holzen, Lamsongkram and Yod!

You boxing in addition to 70 kg but would like you to take part in K1 max in Japan and to be able to defy champions like Buakaw, Souwer, Masato or Kraus?

Yes because I want above all to represent our nations! There of to be enough that only of Dutch, there are good French, I think of making of them parties and I think of being able to beat them and with the manner!

You fights often abroad, did you on the occasion of boxing in Holland, the strong country of kick boxing?

Not never in Holland but I would like much their to show our small French…

Which is one of your best memories until today in boxing?

There is so much but Guinea it was well, Turkey also with the Tournament A 1

And the worst?

The worst, my fight revenge against Kazam at home with city of St Fons or I breaks the ligaments crossed with the 2nd rounds, I finish the fight and fact tie, I would have to gain but the wound intervened unfortunately…

Today are you are always with the gym of Nasser Kacem to St Fons, which your sparring partner of training?

Yes always with St Fons. My sparring is Pinca, Mabel, Piscitello, my brother, Bennouis, Ayadin, Mbaye and many more…

Can you speak to us about your coach?

Nasser it is the top, it is my trainer but also my friends and they is especially best the trainers!

Which is currently your job, arrive you at living thanks to boxing?

I have been in station in my city for 5 years in the district houses, boxing it is one more and above all a passion…

Which are your next dates of fight and against which?

T8 World in Tours on January 31 against Konaté with the first fight then Big Ben (current champion of Radja) in Levallois on March 23 in one evening of Sami Kebchi

Do you have an objective for the year 2009?

To beat the best! And to make big fight for the eyes of the public!

You want to add something?

Thank you with you Serge, my trainer Nasser Kacem, my friend of training, my wife, my family, my friends and all those which support me! And long life with SIAMFIGHTMAG!

Thank you to have answered this interview and chookdee for your fights



Size: 1m80

Weight: 72 kg 500

Number of fight: 77. 66 wins. 1 draw. 10 losses. 45 K.O!

Title: World champion WKA of Thai boxing. World champion WKA of Kick Boxing. 2 times Champion of France of Thai boxing. 3 times Champion of France of Kick Boxing. Vice  World champion WBC of Thai boxing.

Gym: Team Nacer Kacem St Fons.